Vår verksamhet i Spanien

Vår nye präst i Spanien/Barcelona har nu kommit igång med verksamhet till Herrens ära.

Här följer lite information från fader Borja på engelska.

After receiving many blessings from the Lord and with intense missionary work, I’m happy to announce that we are in a position to form a church in Barcelona. A year ago, I started a group meeting for study and prayer. Since then, we’ve grown to 20-30 people (depending on the day). They are all young people in their twenties. Next May 23rd, on Pentecost, I plan to baptize several of them, with God’s help. The others will be received.

With your Lords blessing, we plan to name the church St. George, who is the patron saint of our country, Catalonia.

At this moment, I’m charged of the translation of the rites for the Holy Eucharist and the baptism into Catalan—our mother tongue. Following our fellow brother in Christ in the IOCC, Msgr. Juan Lojo, of the St. Michael’s Old Catholic Church in Dunedin, FL, we have adopted the Anglican rite, in light to the ACNA new 2019 Book of Common Prayer. We also plan to open a website this May.



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